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July News from Whigville Grange No. 48

By Debbie Brown

  JULY 9,2023 --

The Whigville Grange met with the Whigville Preservation (WPG) group last month. As a result, we have 6 new members, and hopefully more to come. The WPG has been instrumental in keeping the building going. Paint, new well, repairs and more. The new members will be installed next month. This should also open up the opportunity to hand off some officers’ jobs, with new members “shadowing” old as they learn about the Grange. Our by-laws have changed. This is to change our monthly meeting date and time to the second Tuesday at 6pm. This reflects a date and time that more members can attend.

We have been approached by the town of Burlington to provide a space for a park and rec sponsored community theater program for the summer. They no longer have a spot to use. We would charge them for the true cost of using the building, on weekdays in July. Does any Grange have a contract that we could copy? I understand about the Grange being on a certificate of insurance, but something more specific?

All in all, I think we are finally coming out of the doldrums that almost ended our Grange. Planning is underway for our usual fair, Tavern Day booth, and cookie walk.



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