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July News from Granby Grange No. 5

By Dave Roberts

  JULY 11, 2023 --

Granby Grange is grieving the loss of longtime member Thomas Sheldon, who passed away on May 28th after a long illness. Tom was always cheerful and ready to help the Grange and will be greatly missed.

We set up a booth at the Salmon Brook Historical Society Flea Market on May 20 where we sold some of our antiques, flowers, plants and other items. It also gave the community a chance to get to know us better, even though we got rained on halfway through. We also held a very successful flower and plant sale the next weekend.

We planted the leftover vegetables, herbs and flowers and will soon be setting out our pumpkins and winter squash, with a pumpkin patch for the fall. Our former BBQ pit has been dismantled and is now our garden area. We hope to donate vegetables to the Waste Not Want Not food pantry and selling some on our soon to be repaired stand at the front of the property.

Granby, along with Riverton, Wallingford, and Simsbury members, participated in the Walk 4 Hearing fundraiser at Dunkin’ Stadium on June 10. There were 12 Grangers and one beautiful Finnish dog who walked the bases. We raised over

$800 for the American School for the Deaf in West Hartford.

Our neighbor, Granby Shannon- Shattuck American Legion Post #182, has volunteered to mow our grass as a public service and will also be rototilling our garden area. We are thrilled and thankful for this gesture. Our grounds are looking better all the time with improvements and a growing presence in Granby.



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