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July News from Glastonbury Grange No. 26

By Kathryn Ruff

  JULY 3, 2023 --

July 6: Postponed to July 13th. Fireworks Galore, 7:30 p.m. Refreshments: Beverly Bell

Aug. 3: Regular meeting with a member of the CT State Grange Membership Committee. The picnic date will be scheduled at our

July 13: Meeting.

Very sorry that we have had to make some changes to our meeting schedule for the summer months.

July 13th we will be inspected by the State Grange Deputy. He was not able to make our July 6th date, so we agreed to make the change.

Our August meeting is generally our picnic. BUT - we have asked for help to try to secure new members. Robin Hettrick is able to attend our August meeting. I felt it necessary to hold a regular meeting for her to be able to talk with us and offer suggestions that we can implement to attract new members. We will schedule the picnic date at our July meeting.

Please be sure to attend the August 3rd meeting and feel free to offer your suggestions with Robin. All ideas are welcome. SECURING NEW MEMBERS IS OUR GOAL!

Glastonbury wishes all a very Happy 4th of July and enjoyable summer.



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