Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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May 2023 News from Taghhannuck Grange No. 100

By Barbara Prindle

  MAY 8, 2023 --

May 11: “Produce to the People” by Guest Speakers Chris & Michele; Ref: Kathy Hayden

June 3: Plant & Rummage Sale 9AM-2PM

June 8: Hiking Trails by Mike Taylor Ref: Jill Drew

We were very excited when we held our April meeting to have it in our newly painted (the inside, the outside will be done this summer) Grange Hall. The program at that meeting was “Spring Cleaning”. We were happy that Margaret Hopkins, one of our members, could re-purpose the pews/benches from our hall. She is transforming her family’s beautiful barn space into a magical theater setting! On June 9th and 10th The Chalk Gremlin Circus Company presents: The Barn Show. A family friendly circus production celebrating the twists, turns, and traditions of rural life. The Local Farm is located at 22 Popple Swamp Rd. Cornwall Bridge CT 06754. Margaret has been studying for many years the art of the trapeze, silks and circustry. We are looking forward to seeing her perform with her company. We love supporting brothers and sisters and it would be great to see you there.

As part of “Spring Cleaning” both

of the old pianos are gone and this makes a big difference in the size of the Hall which will be perfect for our dances. Our next Square/contra Dance will be on May 6th at 7pm.

At our May 11th meeting we will have guest speakers Chris Mullins and Michelle Shipp, from Cornwall, who will be telling us about the program they have started that provides produce to people who are in need. We encourage you to come to that meeting and learn what a Grange can do to help.

Our Plant and Rummage sale takes place on Sat. and Sun., June 3&4. It starts at 9am and is our biggest fundraiser for the year.



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