Saturday, December 02, 2023
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Around The Grange
May 2023 News from Vernon Grange No. 52

By Irene Percoski

  MAY 2, 2023 --

May 5: In Memoriam

June 2: Neighbor’s Night (We invite Granges to visit)

July 7: Midsummer Nights

We were surprised with a visit from Patty Platypus at our April meeting along with Ted Powell, State Overseer and State Executive Committee member, Noel Miller. It was also good to see Gordon, Carol and Mike on Zoom. It seems that if we would like to keep Patty for a month we will have to go to Coventry Grange and capture her. Challenge accepted! Dawn’s program informed us that the lowly flea seems to be the chief indicator when man started to wear clothes. Those pesky fleas! Wearing clothes introduced the textile industry and fashion followed. So, 50,000 years ago as man migrated north the need for clothes became imperative, but it wasn’t until the 18th century that patterns were produced for people to make their own clothes. Lots of facts and figures filled the program along with some jokes that had us groaning. Our community service list is growing and plans for a tag sale are progressing well. Date will be June 10, at the Strong Farm, from 10 to 2. Hope to see you there. Look for our tent. Put your thinking caps on and think of a theme for this year’s Booth at the 4 Town Fair. Send your suggestions to Nancy. Our Light will be on, and the door is always open. Come visit.



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