Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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Membership News
Membership News: Choose Challenging Goals

By Shelley Cameron, CT State Grange Membership Director

  MAY 1, 2023 --

As we are over a third of the way into the year I ask each of you to check in on your membership goals. Have you reached them? Maybe consider a more challenging goal next time. Have you not begun? Why wait, as the saying goes there is no time like the present. Are you on target to meet your goals by the end of the deadline you set? Keep moving forward and don’t ease off the pedal. Have you tried any of the ideas from our last Granger article? We would love to hear from you. Email Shelley at membership@ct-stategrange.org . Just in case the last ideas were not your cup of tea here are some brand news ones to try.


Retain Members 

Provide a much needed break for your members. Often Grangers are worn out from doing everything. A way to ease this burden is by co-hosting or collaborating with other organizations in the community, sharing resources, finances, and manpower. This allows Granges to tackle a new program that they would not normally do or do something that initially they are unable to do, due to a lack of resources.

Highlight wins for you membership early and often. Consider adding an informal agenda item called “celebrations and wins” to the beginning of each meeting. Encourage members to share goods new about the Grange but also good news about their personal life including a birthday, a new job or buying a house. We ask if members are in need so why not ask to share the ex- citing items too. Sharing good news at the beginning of the meeting can set an upbeat tone and potentially make the meeting more enjoyable. If you have a lot of Grangers that want to share set a 1 or 2 minute timer, that way everyone can share without taking up too much time in the meeting.


Welcome New Members

Be the place your community goes to when they need a place to gather. Consider bringing people into your hall for any reason. Some examples include being a rest stop for a road race, a place where road crews can take their lunch, (even if it is just your parking lot) rent out the hall to other organizations such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or 4-H groups. Organizations are always looking for a low cost option when they do not have a place of their own.

Sponsor a sports team in the area. Many recreation teams look for sponsors to pay for uniforms. Granges get their name on the uniforms and have a golden opportunity to talk to the team and spectators, encouraging families to join. The Grange is unique as the whole family can be an active participant which could be a wonderful “selling point” for Granges.


Increase Participation Consider changing the time and day of your Grange meetings. Grangers’ lives fluctuate and what may have been a good day and time for most members to participate years ago, may not be the case now. Con- sider sending a survey or poll out to your members asking when they are available for meetings and ad- just accordingly.

Encourage friendly competition between members. Some ideas include most participation during the month, most items donated, or most new members brought in. The winner can win something as silly as a trophy from the dollar store or something more worthwhile such as their dues would be paid for the year.


Be Proactive

No matter the event or program being held inside or outside of your hall, make sure to bring plenty of pamphlets, brochures, or any take home items as well as membership applications. Even offering a way for people to pay for membership dues on the spot. This can be done through Venmo, PayPal, Square or cash.



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