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March News from Taghhannuck Grange No. 100

By Barbara Prindle

  MARCH 9, 2023 --

Mar. 12: Blocks by Debra Tyler; Ref. Sharon Kroeger

April 13: Spring Cleaning at 6:30 by All; Ref. Janet Nickson

May 11: Produce to the People by Debbie Hanlon; Ref. Kathy Hayden Taghhannuck Grange had a very successful Krauting Bee in conjunction with The Motherhouse Old Style Life-Skills Series of workshops on January 26th.  We had 11 people, both members and potential members attend and everyone had a great time. There were friends and old acquaintances who had not seen each other in a long time.  Lots of smiles and laughter made for a good time. Tal Hadani-Pease was a wonderful and knowledgeable instructor with lots of information and tips. She also gave different variations for different looks and tastes. We used primitive pounding tools otherwise known as small logs or large sticks, depending on how you look at them mixed with modern measuring and calculated science to get the correct amount of salt added. There were requests for future workshops with ideas of possible sourdough and gardening workshops.

I want to personally thank Overseer Ruth Schnell for filling in for me as President at our February meeting I heard she did a wonderful job in my absence. I also want to thank Debbie Hanlon for doing the February program which I was scheduled to do. She had everyone participating and enjoying themselves.

We are having a Contra & Square Dance at our Hall on March 4th from 7PM-9PM. This date may have gone by as you are reading this. Relatively Sound is the live band and Bob Livingston is the caller. If you have any questions about our dances please call Debbie at (845) 418-9755. She will also put you on the email list so you hear about our dances in a timely manner. These dances are fun for the whole family with dance instruction too. As always refreshments are provided and  the  suggested  donation  is $5 child, $10 adult and $20 for a family.



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