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February 2023 News from Riverton Grange #169

By Dave Roberts

  February 9, 2023 --

 Feb. 12 (Sun): Monthly business meeting by Zoom, 2 PM; please contact Dave Roberts for Zoom info. at either GranbyDavidRoberts@ gmail.com or 860-469-5067.

Feb. 26 (Sun): Monthly membership meeting by Zoom; please contact Dave Roberts for Zoom info. Lecturer Judy Doyle program on “End of Winter.”

Mar. 12 (Sun.): Business meeting, 2 P.M. by Zoom. Please contact Dave Roberts for Zoom info.

Mar. 26 (Sun.): Monthly membership meeting (in-person); Lecturer Judy Doyle program on “Caterpillars & Butterflies,” refreshments will be served following the meeting.

On Sunday, January 15, Granby Grange was honored to welcome Connecticut State Grange President Rob Buck for his first visit ever to historic Granby Grange hall. Granby Grange #5 is the home of the first President of the first CT State Grange, Harvey Goddard, from 1875-1878.

On January 15. 2023, Connecticut State Grange General Deputy Peter Keefe obligated 29 new Granby Grange members, 6 new members of Riverton Grange, and 1 new member of Winchester Grange. State Grange President Rob Buck says that Granby Grange now holds the record for the newest members added in one day (TWENTY NINE), exceeding the record set recently by Wallingford. New Granby Grange members included Connecticut State Rep. Mark Anderson, Salmon Brook Historical Society (SBHS) President Todd Vibert, SBHS Curator Martha Miller, SBHS Board Member Philip Marshall, and Granby Conservation Commissioners David Desiderato and Kara Marshall. The large number of new members was the result of a collaboration with Riverton Grange #169 to help reinvigorate membership in their neighbor, Granby Grange.  Newly installed Granby Grange. President Ron Cowdrey personally thanked Riverton Grange, their members, and in particular President Dave Roberts for all their tireless work to help bring new members to Granby Grange.

General Deputy Peter Keefe and his installation team installed the newly elected Granby Grange officers.

Following this historic event of having all offices filled, refreshments were provided by both Granby Grange and Riverton Grange to the large audience. Granby Grange will next work on appointing Committee Chairs and members to all its local Grange committees. Granby Grange would like to invite other Grangers to come and visit to see our historic Grange Hall and experience the new enthusiasm we have at Granby Grange!


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