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February 2023 News from Taghhannuck Grange #100

By Barbara Prindle

  February 6, 2023 --

Feb. 9: Winter by Barbara Prindle Ref. by Howard Randall

March 9: Blocks by Debra Tyler Ref. by Sharon Kroeger

Our January meeting was well attended even though the fog made it difficult to find the turn off Rt#4 onto Dunbar Road.   Thankfully it was gone by the end of the meeting. We would like the thank Geoff Haydock  of  Whetstone  Builders once again for spotting the broken front  window  on  the  2nd  story which  was  caused  by  the  wind storm.  He replaced the sash while using some of the old glass from one of the stored windows.  He also put a piece of plywood behind the window to keep it from happening again.

All of the dictionaries to  the 3rd graders in Sharon, Warren, Cornwall and Kent have now been given out. Many cards and letters were received with “Thank You” some of which are hysterical. The flyers/posters for our Krauting Bee were handed out to post in nearby towns. The response to this activity has been very positive and created a lot of interest on social media.

We received the Annual Word for this year and took a poll of all the members present to see if they felt safe taking  the  word  again at our meetings. It was almost unanimous to not yet have the AS and LAS take up the word when it needs to be whispered a few inches from one’s face. We have not taken the word since COVID began and will wait a while longer before we do it again. If members need the word for visiting other Grange Halls they were asked to call President Barbara Prindle to get it from her at that point.

The highlight of the evening was John Brett’s half hour PowerPoint presentation of “Iran”. He started off with the correct pronunciation of the name of the country. It is not eye-RAN but sounds like ur-aan or ee-RON. John had been there a few years ago and his photography of the mosaics and art work were beautiful.   We   learned   about the country and people. Many questions were answered along the way and gave us all a better insight into the people of Iran as opposed to the government.



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