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February 2023 News from Vernon Grange #52

By Irene Percoski

  February 1, 2023 --

Feb. 2: Exchange Program- Vernon at Coventry

Feb. 3: Exchange Program- Coventry at Vernon

Mar. 3: Pass the Buck

Apr. 7: CWA Presents Program

Welcome to a winter that isn’t.  One  of  these  days  we  will  be moaning about the frigid temps and piles of snow, but for now we enjoy the 50’s and are glad we don’t have to shovel rain. Master Nancy Strong sent out a survey to members to see how many wanted an in person meeting or zoom meeting.  Zoom won.  There were 10 members present, good to see Gordon in S. Carolina and Cherie in Seattle. No visitors were present.  Nancy read the letter from State Master Bob Buck regarding the changes with the Grange Inspection. The Executive report was discussed and the need for raising funds became apparent. A few different ideas were presented. Also the treasurer will look into some investments and report next month. Irene presented the program  stumping  many with the Giraffe test. The evening concluded with the Heritage reading and Nancy recalling her memories of working on the farm. We look forward to joining Coventry Grange for next month’s programs and hope this nice weather prevails.



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