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Legislatively Speaking
Legislatively Speaking: Congress & The CT General Assembly

By Noel Miller, Legislative Director

  February 1, 2023 --

The 118th Congress has elected a Speaker of the House, after 15 ballots. What deals were made we will not know. The first items on their agenda are to hold hearings against the Department of Justice over the Trump investigations, and the weaponization of the FBI. The majority has bills to overturn IRS hiring and ban abortions on the Federal level. We have seen this show before and it didn’t go well for the people running the show.

The National Debt Ceiling will be discussed and the Republican’s plan is to delay or cut programs. The crystal ball is saying to watch for proposed  Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamp reductions or cuts. These programs have been branded as entitlements when they are really benefits most citizens have paid for through their many years of paychecks. The Debt Ceiling refers to the raising of the government debt limit to cover the bills that have passed. Failure to do so will shut down the government. This is not the time to play chicken with the economy with inflation at a frail juncture and any instability could make times worse for everyone.

The Connecticut General Assembly has opened and one item being considered is state aid for funding of the school lunch program. Many students go to school without breakfast or lunch, and with the hard times that we are in many students cannot afford school lunches. We should assist these programs to ensure future leaders of this country can obtain the food to help growing minds and encourage healthy bodies. We have supported the return of whole milk in our schools and we have allowed schools to use locally grown produce to make better meal choices. We need to support this program if only for the short- term until food prices return to somewhat normal.

The 2023 Farm Bill is due this year and the talk is to aid our Farmers but to cut the Food Stamp program. This program has benefited many people in low income families, military families and others. While we hear of states transferring welfare funds to programs building sports facilities backed by celebrity athletes, and other cases where prisoners were counted in families to receive added benefits. Shame on them. This country is of the “haves” and “have nots.” We need to go back to civics class that taught good citizenship … looking out for the other guy. Bring back movies like “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” and “Mr. Deeds”, the black and white version of the 1940s. Today kids need to see these old movies for the lessons they have to offer. Graft and grift seems to have returned to the politics we have today, what a shame.

Please think about resolutions for this year and if you need help, please call me.



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