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Around The Grange
Jan 2023 Musings from Winchester Grange

By Todd Gelineau

  JANUARY 7, 2023 --

Jan. 10: Winter Wonderland, Ref. by Rae Fassio & Sue Kline

Jan. 24: Howl at the Moon, Ref. by Last Names A-D

Feb. 14: Hears & Flowers (Country Store), Ref. by Peter & Mary Lou Keefe

Feb. 28: President Who? (Potluck at 6 P.M.), All Members

Winchester Grange met for its only meeting of December on the 13th for our Christmas Gift Exchange.

There was a bit of concern in the neighborhood around the Grange Hall when a large 16 foot roll off dumpster was delivered to the front of the Grange Hall in December. Usually this means a clean out prior to a property transfer. In this case, it was just a clean-out of the garage. 70 years of accumulated items in the garage necessitated the dumpster and we thank Treasurer Bill Ahrens for arranging for it.

The Grange has a couple of individuals interested in renting out the bays of the garage for the winter months (and beyond). This will provide  additional  income for the Grange that will be added to the rental income of the State Grange office space and the post office space at the back of the garage. Fortunately, our hall is large enough that it can generate income for the organization on a reliable continuing basis.

Thanks also go to Craig, Patrick, Sue, Bill and Todd for getting the clean-up done in just a few hours on Dec. 17.

We will return to our twice monthly schedule of meetings in January. As always, we welcome guests at all meetings. If you would like to attend on Zoom, please send an email to Secretary@CTStateGrange.org and we’ll be happy to get you the meeting information to attend!

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