Saturday, June 03, 2023
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Around The Grange
Jan 2023 News from Senexet Grange No. 40

By Diane Miller

  JANUARY 22, 2023 --

Jan 25:  Valentines  for  the Community

We had a busy fall with many events at the Grange hall. We made Thanksgiving Pies as a fundraiser we will also make and sell Christmas pies. This is very popular.

A  Christmas  gift  exchange and ugly sweater program. was held in November.  Dinner was served before the program. Also in December we had a soup supper fundraiser This was also well attended. Our Grange was a big part of the Woodstock Winter Festival. We used the upstairs as a vendor venue and the downstairs for a luncheon as well as crafts for kids and signing cards with messages for the local nursing homes.

We continue to sell our recycled shopping bags. Local groups continue to use the hall for Yoga and home school classes. A teen group meets there as well twice a month. We draped our charter in loving memory of long time member Clarence Ballard. We continue to keep the Grange active and invite other groups to use it. We hope this keeps the community aware of our mission.



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