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September News from Nutmeg Pomona No. 16

By Joanne Cipriano

  September 20, 2022 --

Our members have been enjoying the summer months and now it’s time to get back to work. Our next meeting will be Sunday, October 2 at 2 o’clock at Beacon Valley Grange. BVG will provide the refreshments. The main agenda is “Installation of Officers.” As we were trying to schedule our next meeting at the last meeting, we found that our members had a busy schedule, so we had to go into October. Nice to know that our members are keeping busy and not getting bored.

The new handbooks will be available for distribution at this meeting. Please note: Some Granges have more information than others. All Granges received the same communications. We asked for the officers, committees, programs and members. What is printed in the handbook is the information we received. Heads-up: We will be looking for this same information next July.

Thank you to Robert Charbonneau for all his help in getting the book put together. Also thank you to all who sent in the information.

Nutmeg Pomona did very well at the CWA judging. I was going to make a complete list, but I am only listing the names of the winners. See Dawn’s Family Activities column for what each person won. Winners: Lyme Grange Lois Evankow; Cheshire Grange Maryalyce Lee, Cindy Hupper, Dianne Clark, Barbara Foskett, Jane Miller and Janet Haller; Greenfield Hill Grange Karen Macdonald and Beacon Valley Grange Pat Fischer and Joanne Cipriano. Congratulations to all the winners.



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