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Membership News
Communication key in “new” Grange

By Cindy Charbonneau, State Membership Committee

  SEPTEMBER 2009 --

National Grange introduced last year several innovations to inform membership of activities and/or report out on important issues.  The first is YouTube.

The National Grange has set up a site on YouTube with a number of video pieces.  These pieces range from video highlights - from last year’s National Grange session at Cromwell showing a drill team demonstration, a number of interviews made by our National President, Ed Luttrell, to a number of interviews made by Leroy Watson on important legislative issues.  The purpose for this YouTube site is to give Grange members and the general public visibility to National Grange’s activities and goals.

The second innovation is the use of Pod-casting on iTunes.  These podcasts are free audio pieces which range from: “Woodrow Tucker Speaks about Ritualism”, “National Grange Legislative Fly-In 2009 Summary”, “Free Internet Tools for Granges”, and the “National Grange Blueprint Series”.  These podcasts can be saved and replayed at Grange meetings to support an important discussion or by individual Grange members at their own listening leisure.  Once the podcast is subscribed to in iTunes, these podcasts are automatically updated.

I realize not everyone has access to a computer or the internet.  However, with the advent of electronic information such as the National Grange YouTube site and iTunes’ National Grange Podcasts; it would make sense to make every effort to keep Grange members informed.  This is to say not just at a Grange meeting, but when news is available.


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