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Public Relations News
Public Relations News: Did You KNOW?

By Terri Fassio, CT State Public Relations Co-Director

  September 4, 2022 --

In looking at the Granges of Connecticut through the eyes of a non-member, what do they see? Do they see a dilapidated old building, screaming for a paint job and with little signage, which rarely has cars in front of it? Do they see a building that they recognize the name of, but know little more about the organization? Or are they familiar with the group and the building, visiting it frequently for events and activities?

For those Granges that do not have a Hall, how is your group perceived by non-members? Does the community even know your group exists?

Here’s a few suggestions to help improve the appearance of your Grange Hall / meeting place in the eyes of the community.

  • Paint the exterior of your Grange Hall. A coat of paint can go a long way. If the building has siding, a power washing could make all the difference.
  • Keep the area around the building clean. Pick  up  trash and remove unnecessary items. Keep  trees  and  bushes  neat  and maintained.
  • Spruce up the landscaping around the building. Make sure the yard is kept neat, and that the lawn is mowed in the summer and the snow is plowed in the winter. Plant a few flowers - or even a community garden!
  • Add accent lighting. Solar lighting prices have dropped to where they are very affordable. Line the Grange walkway with solar lights, or even accentuate the sign on the front with a spotlight.
  • If you do not have a Hall, perhaps your Grange  members can lend a hand to help improve the location where your group is meeting.
  • Is your Hall/Meeting Location marked with a clean and easy to read sign with your Grange Name on it? Halls should be well marked with the name of your Grange at or near the entrance to the building. Meeting Locations (such as the Library or Church) may be willing to add a small sign outside the building saying that your Grange meets at that location.
  • Does your town have a Grange Town Marker Sign? Affordably priced Metal Town Marker Signs of the Grange Logo are available through Monroe Classic, Inc., officially licensed through National Grange. Here’s the link -- https://www.promoplace.com/grange/si/741183168/9343/metal-grange-town-marker-sign
  • Sprucing up the outside of your Grange Hall/Meeting Location can take your Grange  from  declining to existing. Or from existing to surviving.  Or from surviving to thriving.
  • When members are actively involved with their Grange - even if that involvement is planting a community garden or mowing the lawn – those members feel a sense of enthusiasm and responsibility toward the organization, believe that their involvement is helping to make a difference, and take pride in the outward appearance of the Grange in the community and particularly that of their building. Non-members will notice the difference and see a group that they want to know more about, and perhaps even be a part of.

Drop us a line. We’re here to help! E-mail: publicrelations@ctstategrange.org  or information@ctstategrange.org .



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