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Public Relations News
1 on 1 Publicity

By Carl Bernhardt, State Publicity Director

  SEPTEMBER 2009 --

When your Grange is having an event, whether it is a tag sale, fundraiser, a fair or anything where the general public will be there, this is an excellent opportunity to promote the Grange.  Design or use an existing poster that promotes joining the Grange and place it where it will be seen (such as the front door).  This will get their attention quickly.

Quite often at these events people have asked me about the Grange.  Some know absolutely nothing, others know a little and want to know more.  This is an excellent chance to encourage joining the Grange.  Be prepared with general information at all times.  A little history, such as why the Grange was formed, how the Grange was formed.  What does the Grange do now, on the locale level, the state level, and the national level?  Most Grangers know this stuff.  There are the serious things, like legislative involvement, (such as writing a resolution), community involvement (such as scholarships), charity involvement (such as working with charities or simply contributing to their cause).  Then there is the activity within the Grange, again local (picnics, neighbors night, tag sales, baking contest, craft contest, talent contest) and state (State session, Lets Celebrate Day, Grange Sunday, Camp Berger) and regional (Lecturers Conference, New England States exhibition).

Talk it up; pretend you’re selling something (actually you are).  Most importantly how they can join the Grange.  Have your flier and brochures ready, pass them out.  The Grange has so much to  offer on so many levels, local, state and nationally.  This is the point we are trying to make.  If you’re successful in getting them to a meeting, threat them like gold, introduce them to other members, and make them feel welcome, like part of the family.  Lets help the family grow.


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