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Agriculture / Conservation News
Reminder of the Agriculture Committees activities

By Dan Mutchler, Agriculture Committee

  SEPTEMBER 2009 --

All of us on the Ag Committee hope your sunflowers are growing satisfactorily at this time.  In speaking with some of you and through my own experimentation I have found this to be a challenging growing season for many plants started from seed.  Sunflowers like the soil to be warm, 70 degrees or warmer and it has taken some time for the ground in Connecticut to reach that optimal temperature.  Remember to hope and persevere.

And now for an important reminder about some of the other activities our committee offers.  The Young Farmer Award:  given to a young farmer under 40 years old in the field of agriculture.  Outstanding Farmer Award:  given to an individual in all fields of agriculture.  Outstanding Production Award:  for any person who is outstanding in the promotion or advancement of agriculture.  Outstanding Professional Award:  for any person who is outstanding in the promotion or advancement of agriculture. 

Information on these and other activities of the State Agricultural Committee can be found in the Blue Book.  Contact the Director, Ernie Finch for applications or information.  All completed applications must be received by Ernie no later than September 15 thereby ensuring enough time for the committee to review and select the winners.  The mailing address is: Ernest Finch, 101 Bacon Road, Roxbury, CT 06783.  And his phone number is  860-354-4659. 

We would love to see lots of participation so think of deserving individuals in your communities you would like to nominate.  One good aspect of this season which we can be grateful for is that we are not experiencing severe drought like our fellow Americans in the Pacific Northwest.  I look forward to seeing many of you at the 2009 State Session.


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