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Membership News
Membership News: What’s Your Cause?

By Faith Quinlan, CT State Grange Membership Director

  April 2, 2022 --

Many of us are asked to give money for different causes: homelessness, abused and hungry children, animals, elderly, veterans, education,  illnesses,  religion, political, clubs, the list seems endless.    What  do you support,

personally? I bet what you choose has a connection to a life experience or a belief you hold plus a belief that your contribution will make a positive difference.

What is our “effect” on the cause of our choosing? Do we have the capability to truly make a change for the organization or issue and if so, how do we know we made a difference?

Today, when there are so many ways to be cause-conscious and to make a difference we may take action in various ways without significant energy and time. With the advent of the internet, we do not have to travel to the  other end of the globe, or venture into dangerous situations closer to home, to witness the plight of those who need our help. This is positive if the situation just needs money but can be less fulfilling for the donor.

I want to point out that the Grange is also a “cause.” Our halls have operating expenses, of course. People who contribute want to support the services and donations we offer in our communities, and the

events we put on during the year. It is with membership and donor support from of people who  see our organization, our community Granges as their “cause.” They believe in what we are doing and can see measurable and tangible results for their investment.

For the benefit of your Grange please remember to always share what your Grange is doing. remember people like to support locally and see, when possible, the actual effects of the work we are doing in our community. Let’s give them good “cause” to support us.



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