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Membership News
Membership News: You May Main More Than a Chimney

By Faith Quinlan, CT State Grange Membership Director

  March 1, 2022 --

The pandemic took the biggest toll on our Granges  financially. As Spring and Summer approach we will remain aware of the rules around COVID safety and the even heavier question about how we will have our fundraising and community events that raise crucial money for our Granges.

The way we do that is to continue to think outside the box. By now many Granges are doing fundraisers with take-out food or arranging hands-free tag sales and some even more fun and creative concepts. Our Grange communities would not be surprised to know we are in need of their support. Get the word out about what you are raising money for and where/ how they may get it to you. It is very important to go beyond our own membership and into the larger community.

To support your creative ideas I would like to share 5 motivators be- hind giving. These are well studied and not new for many of you. To give examples of how they might work I have referenced a Grange hall that needs a new chimney.

Group Mentality – Are there other people I know who are contributing? Does it appear there will be success in this venture be- cause many of us are doing this together? I don’t want to be left out from saying I was part of this com- munity venture. Everyone is buying a brick for the new chimney, you will get one too, right?

Tangible Outcome – Will something be repaired, purchased, built? How can I see what you are doing with my donation? See that chimney? I bought one of those bricks, I helped make that happen.

Micro-giving  –  Can they make several small donations set up weekly or monthly? For the cost of an expensive latte each week – you and 9 other donors can help us purchase all the cement needed to build the new chimney.

Personal  Connection  –  Who do I know who is also contributing? But even more so when THAT person asks friends to support their cause – they are more likely to donate or make a purchase to benefit the organization. Sue asked me to buy a brick for the Grange, I don’t know much about them, but I know Sue is a member and she tells me all the great things they are doing for the community.

Recognition – Where will you share their name? Do they get something to display to show they are helping? People won’t admit it out loud, but they like to be recognized by others. My name is on the plaque in the hall where they list all the donors to the new chimney.

Ok, so why is the Membership Director talking about fundraising? Firstly, because my goal is always to support the current membership and secondly, these people helping may all be asked if they would like to join as a form of support. These are opportunities for them to learn about who your Grange is and what you do. Raise funds and talk about your Grange and why you love it. In the end you could gain more funds or a new member or both.



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