Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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From the State Secretary: Notes from the State Office

By Todd Gelineau, CT State Grange Secretary

  January 3, 2022 --

December was the month of mailings. Just after Christmas a mailing went out with information on the 2022 Bonding Program. Unfortunately, this information was very late in getting to me and the deadline from National is months shorter this time around. PLEASE get your bonding payments into me before February 15. Some Granges asked for increased bonding amounts last year but submitted after the deadline. If you do not have your bonding request in on time, it will be renewed at the rate from the previous year and your Grange will be billed for the amount. All Granges are required to carry bonding insurance. If your bonding lapses under the National Grange policy, you are ineligible to reapply for TWO years. To avoid this complication, we renew for all Granges and hope to collect later. It’s just so much easier if everyone responds by the deadline!

A separate letter was also sent out regarding the Journal of Proceedings. At State Session, Delegates approved a resolution re-instating the Grange reports printed in the Journal. This was a practice eliminated due to cost in the 1960s.

In preparing material for the new Grange History Book, we have relied greatly on the Grange reports in pre-1960 Journals to nail down historical timelines.  It’s much more difficult in the years following as there is considerably less material to draw from.

So... we are asking all Granges to send a brief summary of your activities during the last Grange year (Oct. 1, 2020 - Sept. 30, 2021). These summaries can be as short as a paragraph but can be longer if necessary. We do reserve the right to edit all reports for grammar, content and length. Reports can be sent to the State Grange Office or via email to my address listed in the header in this column.

Until next time, have a Happy New Year!



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