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Membership News
Membership News: Passion Can Make the Impossible Happen

By Faith Quinlan, CT State Grange Membership Director

  DECEMBER 1, 2021 --

Our State Secretary tells the story of Redding’s reorganization best in his article. What I would like to share in relation to this is a discussion about passion and how that was displayed during their organization. When a community can be brought together in the excitement of a goal there is a lesson about membership recruitment that I need to explore.

If I learned one thing about success at Redding it was that one passionate person can rally a community. Elizabeth Jensen has a passion that burns so brightly it draws others in and then they are filled with the same passion and carry the dream of what could be with them to share with even more people.

In my role I have the pleasure of meeting many people who truly love the Grange and the communities they serve. Many members have a devotion to their Grange but with Granges in distress and membership on the decline we clearly need passion as well.

I am intrigued by Redding’s success and I believe there is an absolute leading component that brought their reorganization to so many people brand new to the Grange...Passion.

Exploring the idea of passion and passionate people there are a few key things that define them:

They are optimistic. Passionate people are always focused on what CAN be rather than what is. They have an unwavering belief that they’ll achieve their goal. Passionate people also don’t do anything half- heartedly. If they’re going, they’re going full tilt until they cross the finish line plus, they also talk about their passions all the time.

When they speak about their passion, they’re highly excitable. You know those people who probably wouldn’t get excited if an alien spaceship landed in their front yard? Yeah, that’s not how passionate people operate. One theory is that they devote their energy to just one or two things, so they make more progress, and that momentum fuels their excitement.

It is also said that they’re all about their work. For passionate people, it is what they breathe, live, and eat, so there’s no such thing as leaving it at the office. To bring the definition of a truly passionate person full circle, they have a healthy obsession with their muse. Not the unhealthy OCD way but a positive, healthy obsession, the kind that no matter what else is going on, their thoughts keep returning to their passion.

While focused on their goal they also don’t waste time. They devote available time to their passion, and it’s not a sacrifice, because there’s nothing else they’d rather be doing. Also, passionate people are early risers. They are so eager to dive into their days rather than sleep in and they are also willing to take big risks. How much you want something is reflected in how much you’re willing to risk.

The new President of Redding Grange is a very passionate person.

My grandmother would have called her, “a mover and a shaker.” She has a deep passion for her town, its people and her newly reorganized Grange. Like all Granges they will have their bumps and lessons but the passion for what they can accomplish as a group for their community is inspiring to think about.

For Redding Grange the possibilities are endless. They are a great mixture of ages and backgrounds who are prepared to grow and make positive changes in the world. That is what it will take to keep our order expanding into the future. Passion, teamwork and hustle can get the message about what you love about Grange to new people.

Do you think you have enough passion for that?



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