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Nov 2021 News from Beacon Valley Grange No. 103

By Joanne Cipriano

  November 9, 2021 --

The sun is finally shining once again over Beacon Valley Grange after a year of nothing but a big black cloud with the loss of so many of our officers and members. In July we had our Officers’ Planning Meeting with lots of interest and input. In August we held our annual picnic with a mini-picnic supper. Our September meeting featured the State of Connecticut and October Pumpkins as our theme.

It  was nice to have sixteen in attendance at our September meeting and thirteen in October. It has been some time since we had that many at a meeting. November 12 is the date of our November meeting. Tom Honyotski is in charge of the program and Judi Reynolds is in charge of refreshments.

We received four more applications from Redding Grange for a total of eight. New members Joan Ziegler, Dorothy Joselovitz and Marie and Kevin Parker.

Robert Sendewicz will be our Delegate at State Session.

Our Open Mics are back in business with a lot of good music. Trying to improve attendance, the time has been changed to 6 to 9 P.M. on the third Saturday of each month. Come and enjoy the music or participate. Hope you saw the picture of our band in the October issue of the Granger. They will be entertaining at our next Open Mic on November 20th.

Our tag sales in August and September were very profitable. We are planning to have one each month. Everyone has been very generous with salable items. We have enough to last us it seems for a lifetime. Our November sale is scheduled for November 20th.

Sorry to hear that Diane Godin had a fall. Hope she is out and about by the time you are reading this.

From this Master to the Members of Beacon Valley Grange, “Thank you for your patience. We knew sooner or later we would be meeting again.”


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