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Membership Tips
Look to the Future
  FEBRUARY 2009 --

Do you want to have the opportunity to recruit the most new members? If so, your focus must be to look into the future. History is great and it is positive to see what your Grange has done in the past and what impact it has had. However, that isn’t what gets most people to join today. 

When someone comments on the historical significance of your hall, share your vision for the future with them. Let them know where your Grange is going. Show them the living, growing Grange that you have and that you want. Don’t let them keep an old or out-of-date view of your Grange. Share why your traditions are important to the future of your members and the community.

Create displays for your Grange hall and for use in fair booths and other public events. These displays should feature what is happening and what your Granges plans for the future are. Look for ways the Grange can invest time and resources into helping children. People especially associate the future with their children.

Look to the future in your Grange and you will find it is easier to attract new members.


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