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Around The Grange
Nov 2021 News from Senexet Grange No. 40

By Diane Miller

  November 14, 2021 --

Nov. 17: Making Christmas Cards

Dec. 15: Christmas Party and Potluck

We had a great exhibit at the Woodstock Fair titled past, present and future.

We had an information table at the Celebrating Ag event on Sat. 25. It was well received, and we thank Amy Monahan for manning the table.

Our Grange continues to hold regular meetings in person. We hosted the local hobby farmers, homesteaders and horsekeepers for informative presentation on manure and nutrient management. Future talks will be in October and November on grazing and soil health for small farms. We are grateful to see those in agriculture coming to these sessions.

On October 13 we hosted the Windham County Farm Bureau for a delicious roast beef and baked chicken dinner.  We thank all the volunteers who helped  prepare and serve the group.

We continue to make recycled shopping bags for sale. These are made from used seed and grain bags. Our hall is used by a local yoga group as well as the Boy Scouts.

We had a well-attended Shepherd’s Pie Dinner also in October. A free Cosmic Cat Halloween Fair was also held in our hall.

At these events we also display what the Grange is doing and its connection to agriculture and the community.

Thank you to all who make the events possible.

We hope to see more members and future members to our meetings and events.


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