Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Membership News
Membership News: What can we do with Associate Memberships?

By Faith Quinlan, CT State Grange Membership Director

  November 1, 2021 --

As always, I found State Session very informative. I was also thrilled to see people in-person.  Delegates had much  forward  thinking  to consider.  My  favorite  of  all  the resolutions is about “Associate Membership.”  The benefits this type of membership offers our Granges and the businesses in our communities are outstanding.

Associate membership is a new tier of membership for Connecticut. It operates quite differently from our Affiliate Memberships. Associate members are more for the support of our Order and do not vote or hold office and are mostly businesses and organizations. As members they should receive newsletters, mailings and event information when distributed.

For Granges this could be a source of additional income. It is also a way to gain greater exposure  to the Grange as a form of marketing and public relations. Events paired with these members/ organizations or businesses will increase local sustainability while exposing who we are and  what we do to more people.

Associate Membership gives members an easy way to show community support. Additional benefits can be provided  by your Grange (your  Grange  chooses what they prefer, these are just ideas). Let’s say a local business has become an Associate Member. Partnering with them, they  can go on the Grange website or other social media to encourage more people to go to their business. A window cling could be designed and distributed featuring the Grange logo and give them the opportunity to show their support while also letting your membership know it’s a business we should support. You could offer once a quarter or twice a year to hold an event at their establishment, particularly if they are a restaurant.

If your Grange offers something that typically collects sponsorships, as associate members they  could be offered  those  sponsorships  at a  discounted  rate  (half  price),  or added  to  a  T  shirt,  website,  or banners.

It can be also useful when you have an event where you  have vendor spaces. An Associate Member business could have the space for free or at a discount.

There are many ideas and benefits to be offered for these types of members and ourselves as a way to get exposure in a much broader sense in our communities. This resolution will not take effect for a little while, but I look forward to the days when we really can get out and make a difference. This type of membership does not replace, in any way, our family and individual memberships. This is really just a bonus tier that has its appropriate audience in each Community Grange.



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