Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Oct 2021 News from Winchester Grange No. 74

By Todd Gelineau

  October 9, 2021 --

Oct. 12: Meeting

Oct. 26: Meeting

Winchester Grange was pleased to serve as host for the Degree Day organized by Mountain Laurel Pomona which enabled several of our newest members to receive the degrees. We thank all Winchester members who contributed to the success of that day. As far as we know, the only  degrees  available in Connecticut were at this Degree Day. Good job done by all!

We congratulate Sister Arline Cote for receiving her 75-year certificate of continuous membership. She wasn’t able to receive her award at our Picnic in August,  but  family  members  Earl & Sandy Phillips and Craig Leifert visited  her at home to make the presentation. We sure do  miss seeing and hearing Arline on the piano bench at our meetings.  Her playing of the Connecticut March was a staple at Winchester meetings for years.   We are so fortunate to have a long line of splendid pianists in our Grange.  So many Granges no longer have music and we are grateful to have the beautiful music provided by Sister Mary Lou Keefe. For those of you who may not  be aware, Arline (Beecher) Cote is the Sister of former State Masters Ellsworth “Bud” Beecher and Kingsley Beecher and former State Pianist Barbara English.



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