Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Oct 2021 News from Glastonbury Grange No. 26

By Kathryn Ruff

  October 13, 2021 --

Oct. 2: Bakeless/Foodless Sale Oct. 7: Fall Harvest 7:30 p.m. Ref. Herb & Ruth Grommeck

Oct. 16:  Monte Carlo Whist Card Party 7:00 p.m.

Nov. 4:  Turkey  Time  7:30  p.m. Ref. Ann Gilnack

Nov. 20:  Monte Carlo Whist Card Party 7:00 p.m.

Welcome back to the Masonic Hall for our meetings. We are following all CDC protocol .

Remember October is the semi-annual Bakeless/Foodless  Sale. The Lecturers program for October is “Fall Harvest”. Come join us at our meeting and see what Ann has planned.

We have scheduled our Monti-Carlo Whist  Card  Parties  for the season and the first one is October 16th. We need everyone’s participation for these to be successful. Try to attend and bring a friend or two with you. The more the merrier. Refreshments are always served.

We are going to take part in the Historical Society’s Museum on the Green program. They are currently featuring an exhibit called “In Business for 100 Years”. I called and spoke with Lin Scarduzio, Curator at the Museum. She said “yes” we could participate. We are scheduled to have an exhibit from February, March and April 2022. Katz Hardware has their exhibit there now from August, September and October. Then Melzen’s Pet Supply will have their exhibit November, December and January. I look   forward   to gathering historical “things”  together  to  fill the exhibit area for 3 months.   If any member has something, they would like to have us put in the exhibit please contact me. Kay Ruff at 860-481-7007 or kayeruff@ gmail.com . We have items in the basement of the Masonic Hall that I must get down there and organize. Your help, in any way, will be appreciated.

I hope you all had a pleasant summer and are  looking  forward to the “fall season”. I am looking forward to seeing you at any  of our up-coming meetings and card parties.



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