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Membership News
Membership News: Welcome Back Redding Grange

By Faith Quinlan, CT State Grange Membership Director

  October 4, 2021 --

We embrace another Autumn in Connecticut. The warm days, cool nights, leaves in red and gold, apple and pumpkins, warm beverages and sweaters. It all feels like an old friend returning. I enjoy it every year.

This Autumn we will welcome back another old friend as we reorganize Redding Grange #15. Fingers crossed they will have their charter back in November. It is a very exciting time when we can see new faces, enthusiastic community members ready to embrace the Grange mission plus their own com- munities needs.

All summer our President and the Board and I have worked together to make this reorganization a reality. Working with the future members has taught me so much about how we are viewed in 2021. The concerns they bring to our Zoom meetings and of course the reality of their responsibilities and other commitments that they fear give them limited availability. There is no reason they can’t make an active Grange that fits the needs of membership, their town and today’s world.

I have learned so much more about the Grange these past months and my ability to work with members needs improves continually. I look forward to sharing what I have learned at State Session. My committee and I have had a busy year and we look forward to seeing you all soon.



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