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September 2021 News from Winchester Grange No. 74

By Todd Gelineau

  September 10, 2021 --

Sept. 14: Regular Meeting

Sept. 21: Regular Meeting

It was wonderful to see our hall and grounds full of people enjoying the 2021 Pandemic version of the Winchester Grange Fair. We were pleased to have a great assortment of entries in the judged departments and were delighted to have so many wonderful tag sale vendors and ECAD with us showing off their service dogs (a great crowd pleaser!). We did not have our usual grill fare but will plan on bringing it back next year. The book sale and prize drawing were well patronized as was the snacks and sandwiches available in the kitchen.

Interest in the Flea Market has waned over the years, so it was decided to go in a different direction this year. We held our first Community Tag Sale on the Green.

The community was invited to set up a table and sell their unwanted items at NO CHARGE. As a result, a good number attended, and we gained an attraction outdoors that brought foot traffic to the Grange Fair in the hall. It was a win-win for all.

On Aug. 24 we held our annual Picnic and Awards Night at the hall. The picnic was held on the front lawn at the hall and the awards were presented in the hall in an open meeting. We congratulate all of the recipients. Most noteworthy are Fran and  Charlie  Cooper who alone  represent  150   years of ACTIVE Grange membership. Fran received her 70-year seal and Charlie received his 80-year letter from the National Master.

Fran and her dancing group demonstrated their line dancing skills for the program. It was a wonderful evening at Winchester Grange and a sign that things can and will get back to “normal.”



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