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Public Relations News
Public Relations News: Building Community Relations

By Terri Fassio, CT State Public Relations Co-Director

  September 1, 2021 --

Community relations are an essential part of every Grange - it's their civic responsibility.  Granges care about the affairs and well-being of the communities where they are located, and want to take an active role of participation within them.  Granges work hard to build a positive impression, and mutually beneficial community relationships with others, through their local actions.  In essence, Granges are committed to being a good neighbor. 

There are many benefits to good community relations:  community support for your Grange, a positive public image, local visibility, a reason to be proud of your Grange, a sense of team work with other local organizations, and even improving member loyalty, good will, and morale. 

The ideas to build a solid community relations program are endless. Here's a few suggestions:  

• Sponsor a local youth sports team, bowling league, or scout troop.

• Get involved with community clean-up and beautification projects.

• Host a lecture or workshop that invokes a specific community interest. For example, a lecture on bears in your neighborhood and how to prevent them from damaging your property, or a workshop on raising backyard chickens.

• Champion environmental concerns and host a recycling event, plant trees, collect bottles and cans, sell reusable shopping bags, host an Earth Day event or sustainability workshop 

• Organize a Cemetery Clean-Up Day. 

• Hold an auction, dinner (when COVID mandates allow) or charity drive with the proceeds being split between your Grange and another community group, like the local VFW, Senior Center, Lions, United Way, etc. 

• Join the local Chamber of Commerce, and then attend their socials and events representing your Grange. 

• Open your Hall and make your facilities available to local groups for their meetings. Your Grange should initiate the contact and issue an invitation.

• Build a local landmark on the grounds of your Grange Hall.  You can honor veterans, firefighters and police, local heroes, and more.  Make the dedication a community event.

Tips to remember - If your own members don't hold your Grange in high esteem, then why should your community? Work from the inside out. Be sure that your Grange talks "with" your community and not "at" them.  Everyone wants to be a part of the conversation. Be sure to seek ideas and feedback from those who wish to interact.  It's a great way to build up positivity, and a good way to gain some new members as well.

Need help getting the word out about your Grange and its activities? Send a note to 

information@ctstategrange.org or publicrelations@ctstategrange.org .  We’re here to help!


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