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July 2021 News from Nutmeg Pomona No. 16

By Joanne Cipriano

  July 14, 2021 --

Nutmeg Pomona held it’s first in-hall meeting in a year on Sunday, June 13th at Cheshire Grange. Attendance 23. The one thing that would make our meetings better is Representatives from more Granges. We thank Cheshire Grange for hosting the meeting.

Special Elected results: Steward Joe Bernhardt, Treasurer Maryalyce Lee, Gatekeeper Ron Gunther, Flora Pat Fischer and re-elected to the Executive Committee Robert Sendewicz. We still need a Pomona. A birdie told me we have someone who will now take this station.

We  voted  to  support  two  resolutions presented by Hemlock Grange.

Special thanks to Robert Charbonneau for supplying all the music. Good job!

Our next meeting will be held on Sunday September 12th at 2 o’clock at Beacon Valley Grange. Until then, enjoy the summer months.



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