Wednesday, December 07, 2022
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Around The Grange
June 2021 News from N. Stonington Community Grange No. 138

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  June 8, 2021 --

On April 9th members brought in “something old” to share. Among the many interesting things shared we learned about the “Traveling Gavel” that resides in a glass case in our hall. We got to see the watch of a railroad man and milk bottles from long ago, dairies in town, saw an antique wrench from a fire truck and listened to Abbott & Costello do the “Who’s on First” skit. It was lots of fun.

On the 23rd Cheree Anne Miner and Roland “Arlie” Chapman joined the Golden Sheaf family and were presented with their pins.

We will elect officers on June 11 and on the 25th we will hold our annual picnic. Please bring a dish to share. And if the deer will just leave my Hosta alone, next time I’ll tell you about merry May.



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