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Public Relations News
Public Relations News: Essentials for a Flourishing Grange

By Terri Fassio, CT State Public Relations Co-Director

  June 1, 2021 --

It’s a fact that we may not want to face - some Granges are more popular and successful than others. These flourishing Granges are a centerpiece of their community, host numerous events, activities and projects, have new members wanting to join, and get lots of solid news coverage from the local media. But what makes one Grange soar and a second Grange just exist?

We find that three essential ingredients are needed for a Grange to thrive -

1.) Dedicated People / Enthusiasm

2.) Time and Investment 3.) Solid Communications

Dedicated People / Enthusiasm: “You’ve got to have passion and believe in what you’re doing.” Those members who dedicate efforts to- wards making their Grange thrive instead of survive easily reap the rewards, such as becoming a trust- ed leader or mentor to other members, meeting goals and project objectives, growing their Grange membership numbers, and even gaining financial rewards for the organization. This translates to being creative, taking risks and being willing and able to challenge others. Grange members are characterized by diverse backgrounds and experiences. Many have been or are members of other organizations as well as their Grange.  When an individual member is successful, their enthusiasm for the organization soars, thus lighting the pathway for others to take a similar route. Combined personal successes equal a Grange that is strong.

Time and Investment: To make real and positive changes in a Grange takes commitment from its membership.  Granges rely on volunteers and the time that each person can commit to the organization. It is important to find a good mix that fits your Grange - so that members do not become run down or burnt out. In many cases, this means more than just proclaiming support - it often means support through volunteerism and an in- vestment of time. Delegating responsibilities is important, as is ensuring that every member is involved who wishes to contribute.

Solid Communications: Granges must continually work to communicate with the general public in a manner that brings them positive press, community involvement, and support for new programs as well as their overall mission, goals and objectives. But internal Grange communications are just as important as external communications. When looking for a way to promote your Grange - start with your own membership, then maximize the communications methods that are easily available to all Granges. Hang posters, utilize Social Media (Face- book, Twitter, etc.), have a Grange website, mail postcards and letters, and even pick up the telephone.

Need help getting the word out about your Grange and its activities? Send a note to information@ ctstategrange.org or publicrelations@ctstategrange.org .  We’re here to help!



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