Wednesday, December 07, 2022
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Around The Grange
May 2021 News from N. Stonington Community Grange No. 138

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  May 11, 2021 --

May 14: Smile for No Reason

May 28: “Memorial Program”

Walking into a hall devoid of all regalia was a strange feeling on March 12. Our Steward, Jeff Barnes, never fails to have all in place for the meeting. The light dawned when we were directed by our Lecturer, Sue Pianka, to draw slips of paper from a container.   Each slip contained the name of an office. We were told to find and put in place everything needed for that office.  A scramble to the Regalia closet produced sashes, cloths, staves and all the rest of the equipment needed for our meeting, amidst much giggling and a reminder or two. It was lots of fun and a new way to learn about ritual. At our March 26 meeting we draped our Charter in loving memory of Golden Sheaf member Roz Lewis who joined the Great Grange above in March.  We were also treated to the Lecturer’s State Contest entry and learned a great deal about the “Roaring Twenties.”  Looks like another winner! And if these strong winds don’t blow all the birds away, next time we’ll tell you all about awesome April.



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