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Youth News
Youth News: Many Opportunities to Participate

By Dawn Anstett, CT State Grange Youth Director

  April 1, 2021 --

There are many opportunities for Youth to participate in the following contests. Please check out the link on our web page to download the National Grange Youth Program Guide for more information and contact the Connecticut State Grange Youth Director to help you explore these programs: Grange Inter-State Youth Exchange (GISYE), Washington, D.C. Experience, Grange Grassroots Activism Scholarship,      Youth Community Service Award/ Application, Junior Mentor Award/ Application, Youth Membership Recruitment Award, and to apply to be part of the National Grange Youth Officer Team.

This year I was asked to find our past royalty and ambassadors.

Many of the names below you may recognize as we continue to serve the Grange in many ways.  The National Youth Team is looking to update their information.

If you can send me any information on anyone listed below – current address or email, please send it to dawnanstett@gmail.com or Dawn Anstett, 235 Old North Road, Barkhamsted, CT 06063. And for those of you who find your name listed below and can send me a picture of you then and now, that would be great!

(See Granger for list of past youth royalty)



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