Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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Agriculture / Conservation News
Agriculture / Conservation News: Looking at Past Programs

By Irene Percoski, CT State Grange Agriculture Committee Member

  April 1, 2021 --

During this pandemic I have been fortunate enough to spend time going through old program books for Enfield Grange starting with the 1906 issue and thought I would share some of the program ideas with you. A debate for and against the question: Could the sheep industry be made possible in this state? How about the topic: would the farmer be  benefited by systemizing his work? And the discussion: Which has the greater influence on people, wealth or character? And: What are the relations  of  agriculture to manufacturing and commerce. They held sessions for the keeping and breeding of chickens for profit, how to plant , care for and harvest your tobacco crop, and is there more profit to own 100 chickens or one cow?

They didn’t overlook the farm wife either. Would a course at a cooking school benefit the practical housekeeper? Best methods of canning and preserving, the best way of overcoming the heat, or how to plan the work in the house so as to keep cool. How to market your home produce, and last but not least : what the ladies will wear this Fall.

On neighbor’s night: Each member was to entertain the Grange for three minutes or pay a fine of 5 cents. Members were also expected to take part in any program the Lecturer selected. No excuse!.

This was only a tiny peek into the past but it got me thinking about today’s Grange. How often does your Grange plan and discuss or debate an agricultural issue? It doesn’t have to be about you, how about something that is a problem in your Town, State or National news? Does your Ag. Committee worry about how the weather is affecting crops near or far? What are the consequences of climate change? How can we help the poor and hungry? How can we educate the next generation of farmers? These are the continuing topics about  agriculture  that  should be included in your Grange’s programs. It doesn’t take much imagination to get your members thinking. What have you got to lose?



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