Saturday, April 17, 2021
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March News from Riverton Grange No. 169

By Dave Roberts

  March 14, 2021 --

I am pleased to share with you that our next Riverton Grange Community Service Project is going to be collecting containers of peanut butter from now through April.  Why peanut butter, you ask?  Recently, we learned that Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation in Bloomfield uses peanut butter (make sure it has no xylitol in it) to train their service dogs for visually impaired individuals.  Peanut butter is placed inside “toys” that are used for training purposes.                   


Last year, our Grange partnered with other community groups to collect over 760 gently used towels for Fidelco to dry service dogs.  Based on the success of that project, I recently met with Mark McGrath, Fidelco’s Philanthropic Relationship Director, and he told me that one great need they have this year is for lots of peanut butter.  So I hope that we can donate at least 100 containers of peanut butter.  A donation box was placed on the Riverton Grange Hall porch today and a path was shoveled so folks could get up the steps to place peanut butter in the donation box.


In the next few days, First Selectman Don Stein has approved us placing a second collection box on the porch of the rental unit at the Barkhamsted Senior Center.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. 


If you or anyone needs me to pick the peanut butter up, please let me know.  This project is another great initiative to show our community that our Grange is relevant and serving those in need.  If anyone would like to go with me when I deliver the peanut butter to Fidelco after our drive has ended, please let me know.  Thanks in advance for your continued support!


If you cannot get out to shop and just want to donate, I will purchase the peanut butter for you.  No donation is too small!  Just send the check to me c/o Dave Roberts, P.O. Box 155 in Riverton 06065 and I will take care of it for you.


Riverton Grange is sponsoring a 2021 Community Citizen Award Program to honor community members such as teachers, public safety, non-profit volunteers, civic leaders and others to recognize their good work going above and beyond their normal duties. 


Just send your nomination with the nominee’s name, contact information and no more than 500-word statement on why you think the individual should be honored.  Nominations are due to Community Services Chair Dave Roberts (dave@daveroberts.org) no later than Wednesday, March 31.



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