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Agriculture / Conservation News
Agriculture / Conservation News: Enter the Ag Photo Contest

By Irene Percoski, CT State Grange Agriculture Committee Member

  February 1, 2021 --

The Agriculture Committee has a great contest for everyone this year. If you are planning a garden this year, this is the contest for you. It consists of photos of the following:

Each individual is challenged to take and enter a picture of themselves in the garden (whether yours/ your Grange’s/ or other) during the following four phases of your ga den. The fifth and sixth steps are not mandatory but are encouraged.

  • During Garden Preparation (2 Points)
  • Seeding (2 Points)
  • Cultivation (2 Points)
  • Harvest (2 Points)
  • (Not Mandatory) Extra points will be awarded for a picture of you donating a portion of the harvest (3 Points).
  • A program or video on your experience to your Grange (4 Points).

This could be a wonderful chance to work with friends and family to create a photographic memory.

Our Committee hopes that we will have many entries to judge. All entries must be received by September 1, 2021 by J. Allen Cameron, Director, 274 Canterbury Road, Plainfield 06374; email: jallen13@sbcglobal.net .


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