Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Membership News
Membership News: Fundraising During COVID

By Faith Quinlan, CT State Grange Membership Director

  February 1, 2021 --

It (2020) has been called the year the world “Hit Pause” or the year the Earth stood still. As we know the world did keep moving forward though the pace has been slow and will continue in this New Year. Alas, our struggles as a society and as a Fraternal community have escalated to heights where it is time to get serious thinking about the future of our Granges!

Granges need to make money. The loan from the CT State Grange is generous but plans need to be made to pay that back and continue to pay invoices for the many months ahead when things are still restricted. Suggestions following should be planned following the CDC and CT Health & Safety Guidelines. Remember, as always, I am here to assist you in planning and  implementation, you just need to reach out to me. Here are some creative ideas you can use to host fundraisers:

Virtual Restaurant Fundraising

- People participate via takeout or delivery. Why not have a delicious meal, support the service industry, and raise money for your Grange all at once? Simply book a date, spread the word via social media, then enjoy your feast! Also if you choose to partner with a local or family-owned restaurant, you can support a small business that is likely struggling through the pandemic, while raising money for your own cause.

Virtual Tea & Cookies Social Hour - For a casual virtual event, take a social hour online! These are among the easiest virtual fundraising events to organize. All you need is a sign-up form, Zoom account with reserved time, and a loose schedule of conversation topics. Pulling together a list  of  fun tea drinks and snacks to suggest to attendees.

Virtual Book Club - A virtual book club is a great way to engage members and build community support. Choose a book that relates to your Granges interests or maybe something mysterious and that will resonate with your donors. Then, get help creating a private Facebook group where readers can share their thoughts and use a Zoom meeting to engage with one another. Schedule weekly virtual events for participants to tune in and discuss the book together. .

Virtual Paint, Crochet or Craft Night - Many people are familiar with the “paint & sip” events where you go to a painting studio and sip wine while the instructor leads you through step-by-step instructions to paint a picture. Doing it from your kitchen isn’t quite the same, but it’s a great way to engage your donors, raise some money, and give people something to do from home. Consider creating a painting   that somehow reflects your Grange Hall or community,  so  participants  have a beautiful piece of art that reminds them of your organization’s great work. If you don’t feel that your organization has the right skills to pull this off, reach out to find someone who can run the art instruction part of this event.   Hand/ Arm Crochet Blankets are hugely popular and can also be taught virtually.  Craft boxes/kits can be available for pick-up before the day of the event or lists of supplies can be

sent by email ahead of time.

Clothing  Collection  Drive  for Granges with a St Paulie Shed - Collection drives are a classic way for supporters to directly support your mission without making financial gifts.

Virtual BINGO - We recently learned about virtual Bingo done via a Zoom call.  There are Connecticut laws that need to be observed but if you are interested, reach out to me and we will help you create an event that done within legal guidelines.



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