Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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From the State Secretary: Reminders From The Office

By Todd Gelineau, CT State Grange Secretary

  January 1, 2021 --

Happy 2021 to everyone! 2020 is behind us and we can look forward to the vaccine taking hold and hopefully pushing COVID-19 out of our daily lives.

In December, I mailed out the annual Bonding notices to all Granges. Please complete the small form and return with your payment as soon as possible. Per the Digest, all Granges are required to carry a bond. You are not required to purchase the bond provided by the National Grange program if you have your own bonding coverage. Proof of coverage must be provided to the State Grange however.

Thank you to all of the Granges that returned their State Directory forms. There are still a few outstanding. The printing of the Directory cannot be held off any longer and the book will be produced with or without the missing Granges using the information we have on file. It’s unfortunate in this day and age that it’s so difficult to get information from Granges when the postal service is only one of several ways to contact me.

There are still many reports outstanding for the 2020 Journal of Proceedings. All directors, committee chairs, and Deputies are required to submit written reports to be printed in the Journal of Proceedings regardless of whether or not they had been read at State Session in October.  Reminders will be sent out soon, but please don’t wait if you know you’re one of the missing. It will be greatly appreciated.

The third volume in the works is the Blue Book.  We haven’t had a blue book in two years and I’m sure

Granges are anxious to see what the departments have in store for them in 2021.   If your material is outstanding, please get it to me via mail, email, etc. as soon as possible. The Legislative Policy Manuals have  been  printed  and  will  soon be in the hands of the Legislature through the efforts of the State Legislative Committee.       Copies of the book will also be distributed to all Granges soon when the Directory is ready to go out to all Granges.

The annual word will also be sent out to all Grange Secretaries and Masters once we have received the quarterly report that became due on December 31.

Grange   supplies   and   Grange Store items continue to be available through the State Grange office. Did you forget to order one of the new State Grange t-shirts?  We have a small supply of them (in all sizes) available for purchase.  Just contact me and we’ll fill your order! 2020 reminds me of an episode of the classic TV show M*A*S*H where Col. Potter                toasts the incoming year while they continue to be at war.   Well... similarly we are all at war with COVID hoping it will be over in 2021! May 2021 be a damn sight better than 2020!  Best New Year wishes to all of you.



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