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Dec 2020 News from Cheshire Grange No. 23

By Ruel Miller

  DECEMBER 13, 2020 --

Dec. 16:  Open Meeting Christmas Program and Grab Bags

Several of our members attended the annual State Grange Session on Saturday October 17th. The session was a virtual one for one day on the Zoom format. Marge Bernhardt and Charles Dimmick were re- elected to the office of Lecturer and Chaplain respectively. All in all the session went very well considering our having to do business in a totally different venue. Our Grange received a couple of awards as did our Lecturer, Emily Alexander, receiving three for her excellent work.

Our last meeting was November 4th. We had enough members for a quorum plus to fill the necessary stations and a good Lecturer’s program. Several members/officers are still not comfortable in attending. In order to keep our Grange visible in the community, we entered a town wide scarecrow contest for Halloween. We were one of 68 entries. We placed first as the “Best Home Town Representation”.

It was decided not to meet on December 2nd, but to go with December 16th for our Christmas program. We will dispense with the card exchange and just have a $5.00 grab bag. Quite the change from the past. It appears that we will be meeting once a month for the foreseeable future.

Despite these times that we are experiencing, all of us at Cheshire Grange wish you a very Merry Christmas and certainly the hope for a happy and a much better New Year.

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