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Public Relations News
Getting your news printed

By Carl Bernhardt, State Publicity Committee Director

  JUNE 2009 --

Getting the eye of the editor of a newspaper is the first step toward getting your articles printed.  Using the proper form when typing an article is important.  The top of your paper should be labeled NEWS RELEASE.  Below this it should say CONTACT PERSON: with a name and phone number.  By doing this, the paper can contact the author if there are any questions they may have about your article.
Also, remember to double-space your article.  You may think your article looks better using your own particular form, but what the papers want is what is important.  They are doing us a favor by printing our items.  Every time we can get a news release in a paper it is the equivalent of many dollars worth of paid advertisements.  We must keep the name of our Granges before the public in a positive manner.  Our hometown newspapers must play an important part in this if we are to grow.
If you have an extra hour, take your next article to your local paper in person and ask them if you are using the form they prefer.  If not, go along with any suggestions they may make. It makes them feel good to be asked for advice.  If you aim to please them, your chances of getting your article printed increase greatly.
Many of the newspapers prefer that your article be sent to them by email.  By sending your article electronically, the newspaper does not have to retype your article.  Photographs can also be sent to them electronically.


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