Thursday, June 17, 2021
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2020 CT State Grange Election Results
  NOVEMBER 1, 2020 --

Those elected are listed after the title in bold lettering.  The tally for each suggested candidate is also listed for each office.  *Please note:  There was a tie for the office of Assistant Steward.  As a result, no one was elected to this position.  The Executive Committee has appointed Roy Harrington to fill this office until the 2021 State Session.

Master George Russell (50)


Overseer Robert Buck (35)

Ted Powell (7)

J. Allen Cameron (8)


Lecturer Marge Bernhardt (49)

Blank (1)


Steward Ted Powell (23)

Robert Buck (23)

Jaimie Cameron (12)

J. Allen Cameron (1)


A. Steward Roy Harrington*

Jaimie Cameron (9)

David Sanford (7)

Ted Powell (9)

Roy Harrington (12)

Ted Beebe (12)


L.A. Steward Eloise Osuch (36)

Betty Jane Harrington (9)

Anne Marie Knochenhauer (4)


Chaplain Charles Dimmick (50)


Treasurer Jody Cameron (48)

Blank (2)


Secretary Todd Gelineau (49)

Blank (1)


Gatekeeper Jaimie Cameron (21)

Robert Charbonneau (14)

J. Allen Cameron (14)

Blank (1)


Ceres Cindy Finch (27)

Dawn Percoski (23)


Pomona Carol Hnath (29)

Jodi Ann Cameron (20)

Blank (1)


Flora Michelle DeDominicis (50)


Executive Committee .  .  .  .  .  .

Noel Miller (30)

Jeffrey Barnes (19)

Blank (1)


All of the elected officers received the obligation.  Officers new to their positions will be officially installed by members of the Executive Committee at upcoming meetings of the various Community Granges.

While we would not want to handle the elections this way again, we feel we have made the best out of the circumstances.

We thank Brother Jeff Barnes for his service as member and Chairman of the Board of Directors.



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