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Membership News
Membership News: As the health crisis continues

By Faith Quinlan, CT State Grange Membership Director

  OCTOBER 1, 2020 --

The largest organization based on membership in the US is AARP.  American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).  According to AARP.Org the number one reason it is the most joined organization is because of its tremendously long list of member benefits.  A summary of the list is:


 Healthcare:  Long-term care, Dental, Vision and short-term care

Medicare Eligible:  Supplemental plans and Prescription plans

Pet:  Petplan Pet Insurance


Auto/Vehicle, Life and Home:

Gas & Auto Services:  Buying, driver courses, roadside assistance, oil changes, etc.

Work & Jobs:  Job board, resume advisor, entrepreneurial help

Health & Wellness:  Hearing, online tools for mental clarity, BMI, glasses, pharmacy, lifeline, cuisine, Weight Watchers

Finances:  CD Management, Tax-Aide, Fraud Watch, Resource center, credit cards, banking, real estate benefits, savings help, identity theft help, loans, retirement calculator and resources

Shopping & Groceries:  Outlets, Gifts of flowers, cookies, fruit, popcorn, chocolates plus grocery coupons and Schwans, BistroMD, Walgreens, etc.

Travel:  Expedia, Avis, Budget, Payless and Zipcar rentals, Rail and Cruise vacations, British Airways flights and European travel.  Top name hotel discounts plus access to specialized vacations

Restaurant discounts, Technology & Wireless, Home & Real Estate, Family Caregiving, Entertainment, Community, Advocacy, Magazines & Resources.  The areas they offer benefits are extensive and quite relevant to a modern or traditional household plus you can get AARP benefits younger than age 50.

I share this extensive break down to show that membership benefits are a huge part of what makes people join.  I believe in our mission and community-based work but there is a reality to attracting new members and it is more than just being good people doing great things.  When you are speaking to a friend of the Grange, potential new member, remember to share our tangible perks and well as our big-hearted projects.  

Please note that there will be another membership virtual meeting by National Membership Director, Joe Stephnoni on October 7, 2020.  See many of you at State Session!


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