Monday, January 25, 2021
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September 2020 News from Harmony Grange No. 92

By George Ward

  September 4, 2020 --

My article for this issue of the Granger involves a Granger and a late Granger, Tom and the late Susan Sulier. The following article was published in the July issue of the Lafayette Consistory News section of the Masonic magazine:

Two years ago this July, Brother Thomas Sulier, MSA, 32˚, lost Susan, his wife of 36 years to a hard fought battle with cancer. In the summer of 2019, in the course of healing his loss, Tom decided that it would be a fitting tribute to Susan, to assemble a memorial CD for his family and friends as a musical memorial of Susan.

He approached an other Valley of Bridgeport brother, Matt Fitzgibbons, 32˚, a well known musician and songwriter with the idea and asked him to sing and produce these cover songs. Matt, not being a cover song performer, suggested that he instead craft a tribute to Susan and her nursing profession. The result of the inspired effort was “Angels in White” which was posted on YouTube in February immediately before the height of the pandemic in our jurisdiction.

The coincidence with the prevailing COVID-19 crisis and the attention which has been focused on nurses and first responders, made the song even more movingly relevant to a universal audience. The video is now posted on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, and iHeart Radio and is easily located using a search engine of your choice. Feel free to access the video and post your comments. What a wonderfully artictic brotherly endeavor in the midst of a historically chaotic period.

Tom is Gatekeeper at Harmony Grange and a thirty second degree Mason. He is a former member of Trumbull Grange and became a member of Harmony when the two Granges consolidated. Susan was Secretary at Harmony Grange at the time of her death. She was also a former member of Trumbull Grange as Lecturer and became a member of Harmony through consolidation.

Susan graduated in 1969 from St. Vincent School of Nursing in Bridgeport as a LPN. She had also worked at St. Vincent Hospital in Bridgeport.

The song “Angels in White” can be heard in its entirety at several sources including the computer. Using the computer, go to: Matt@ Patriot Music. Scroll to Home- PatriotMusic.com, scroll to Angels in White. (Note: space between @ and Patriot).


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