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From The Chaplain's Desk
May 2009 Chaplain's Corner

By Amy Whitcomb, State Chaplain

  MAY 2009 --

Spring has finally come to the Northwest Corner.  The forsythia and daffodils have come out and all the summer birds are making their nests.  As we remember our service men and women this month, let us think about the sacrifices they make and consider the tiny seed idea which through faith and prayer grows to such proportions that it can deliver people from any kind of bondage.
I suggest that we think of our needs as opportunities to be used as receptacles into which God’s increase may be poured.  An empty life crying for satisfaction, if the cry is turned to God, will cause that life to become a vessel filled with the riches of God that truly satisfy.  The empty vessels borrowed from neighbors may represent to us opportunities for pouring out our blessings and good thoughts upon others.  By pouring them out thus we can increase our ability to draw upon the infinite resource.
Oil represents joy and praise, which make life run smoothly.  Even if we are without material food, we still have the oil of Spirit within us which we can pour out to fill up the empty places in our life and the lives of our friends.  We may wonder what good the increase of the spirit of joy and praise can do in supplying our material needs.  Joy and praise are worth money because they are what all the World is seeking.  Like other spiritual gifts, these are enjoyed and increased most when they are given away or shared.  Giving and sharing God’s gifts brings more joy to the giver than receiving and hoarding can bring to the receiver.
Those who depend upon the possession of many things to bring them happiness and satisfaction will remain hungry in soul even though their barns may be bursting, because material things alone cannot fill the emptiness of the inner person.  It is the pouring out of the riches of Spirit in prayer that satisfies both the soul and the body.
A reminder to all of the Grange Sunday Service at Good Will Grange Hall on June 14 at 11 A.M. followed by lunch and the Talent Program.  On June 21 at 3:00 P.M. in Rindge, New Hampshire, will be the New England Grange Sunday.  Hope to see you at these events.


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