Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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From the State Secretary: No Shortage of Work to do in the Office

By Todd Gelineau, CT State Grange Secretary

  August 3, 2020 --

There are many topics to cover in this month’s article so I’ve broken them down into separate topics.


I would be remiss if I did not mention the retirement of one of our longest serving Subordinate Grange Secretaries...  Sue Gray of Ekonk Community Grange #89. Sister Gray has served her Community Grange for 49 years in the office of Secretary. An amazing achievement all by itself that is all the more impressive considering that during much of this time Brother Russell Gray was making his journey through the chairs of the State Grange, finally arriving at the Master’s Station with Sister Sue at his side as First Lady. I’m sure all of you join me in thanking her for her service to the Grange and hope she will enjoy “retirement.” That word is kind of misleading in the Grange. No one ever really retires in the Grange. There’s always something more to do!


Thank you to all of the Granges who have caught up on their Quarterly Reports since the last issue. The list was considerable and we understand that COVID-19 has delayed things considerably. There are still a number of Granges still outstanding. I hope they will be working on their reports and will get them in to me soon. The next quarterly will be due on SEPTEMBER 30. Not too far away. It’s difficult when reports are filed late because that next one is right on its heels.

As mentioned previously, outstanding Granges will not be able to participate in the election or have their delegates seated at State Session until all dues are paid up to the June 30 report.


The State Master has talked about the elections in his column but I wanted to touch on it a bit more.  All  delegates  (registered as of August 1, 2020) should have received their packets containing the suggestion forms for the election. Delegates are not required to make suggestions. However, all delegates should have the opportunity to do so if they desire, just like our usual in- person elections. This will serve as a sort of “dry run” for the balloting which will take place a little later. Please fill out your  suggestion form and return it in the stamped and addressed envelope  provided. ONLY this suggestion form, printed on security paper and mailed in with the envelope provided will be accepted as a proper suggestion. All other forms of suggestions (copies, photos of the form, emails, telephoned messages) will not be accepted. This will be the case as well when the actual election ballots are sent out in September.

Once the suggestions are received in the State Office, I will compile a ballot which will go to the State Master. He will then contact each member suggested for office and ask them to accept or decline the suggestion. If they accept, they will be listed on the ballot. If they decline, they will not be listed. If your suggestion does not appear on the final ballot, this likely means the suggestion was declined.

The envelopes are coded. The suggestion forms and ballots are not. The codes allow me to track which  Granges  have   responded to the suggestions and check for duplicate forms.

The election ballots will be mailed by the delegates directly to the Election Chairperson, Maureen Prelli, who will only know which Granges received ballots and how many delegates each Grange has. She will not know or receive the names of the delegates, preserving the secret ballot.

The ballots will not be opened until the day of State  Session when they will be tallied by Sister Maureen’s committee. The results will be reported directly to the Session, much in the same way we do during an in-person session.


We asked delegates (when filling out the registration  form) if they would be willing to attend virtually or in-person. There were several delegates who responded they would not do either OR they would like to do all voting through the mail. Unfortunately we cannot do all voting through the mail. The election is the only part of session that will be done this way.

All delegates, other than those who serve as State Officers or Deputies, will have to participate in the Session through Zoom. This is the only way we can keep the number of people in Ekonk Grange Hall below the 25 mark set by the Governor.

Keep in mind, this is the number as I write this on August 1. This could increase in the meantime, or the Governor could close the state down at any time including the day of State Session. So we have to be prepared at all times to shift gears and move to a 100% virtual session if it becomes necessary.

Joining   the   meeting   through Zoom can be done via video link OR through a phone call using a number we  will  provide.     So  technology should not be a tremendous hurdle. The State Master has set up two Zoom meetings on Sunday, August 16 and Sunday, Sept. 13 at 7:00 P.M. All   delegates will automatically receive the     information needed to attend.  Others           interested, should contact Faith  Quinlan  at 518-698-2785 or at Membership@CTStateGrange.org   to  receive  the electronic         invitation to attend. This will be a great opportunity to “get your feet wet” and find out the latest developments regarding State Session and the State Grange.

Until next time... enjoy the rest of your summer and stay well!



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