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July 2020 News from N. Stonington Community Grange No. 138

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  July 14, 2020 --

July 17:  “When I look into your big brown eyes…”

We have not held any meetings since early March, so not much to report; but the Great Grange Above has welcomed one of the sweetest, kindest ladies North Stonington has ever known. Ellie

Banker, who would have received her 70 year seal this year had we been able to hold our special meeting in April, has been our Pomona for the last several years. Her health prevented her from attending meetings this past year; but her heart remained in the Grange. Ellie, born and raised in town, taught what used to be called Home Economics in our local high school for almost 40 years. She was a tremendous influence on young men and women in her classes, all of whom loved her. We have never heard a single soul speak about her with anything but love and appreciation. Her heart was so big it doesn’t seem possible it could be contained in a body so small. She will be sadly missed by every person who ever had the privilege of knowing her.

If we are allowed to meet in July we are not sure what the program will be. Sue’s program lists the above; but come and be surprised. And if that squirrel who keeps dumping my hummingbird feeder out on the deck will just move to Australia, next time I will try to tell you all about Jolly June.



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