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Membership News
Membership News: Call Me!

By Faith Quinlan, CT State Grange Membership Director

  July 1, 2020 --

The weather has been amazing. These nice warm days with blue skies and puffy clouds make me feel like we have been let out of a cage. All the months of being sheltered indoors has made me and the kids a little stir crazy. So, as you will read about in other articles this month, we have the ability to meet again in person, with restrictions. Speaking to your membership, open communication will be critical to success. Remember you have a Zoom account available to use if you would like before heading back to a hall.

I would like to offer you to reach out and talk to me about fundraising, volunteer help you may need or any other need that I can work to help you with. What does your membership and community need that I can help you with? Please reach out, I would like that very much!



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